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PolyMVA 8oz 4 Pack Discount Free Priority Shipping

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Restore Depleted Nutrients from Chemo & Radiation
Assists in preventing cell damage
Supports oxygenation of cells and tissues
Helps the body to produce energy for proper cell function
Supports the liver in removing harmful substances from the body
Works as a powerful antioxidant
Supports nerve and neurotransmitter function
Enhances proper cellular function for normal cells


What is Poly-MVA®?

Poly-MVA® is a powerful, patented combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids designed to support cellular energy production and promote overall health by restoring certain nutrients that may be depleted during intensive medical procedures and therapies. It is designed to provide energy for the compromised body systems by promoting beneficial electrical potential of human cells and encouraging the charge density of DNA within the cell.

Why is Poly-MVA® the Best Nutritional Support Available?

In a league of its own, no other product is manufactured by bonding lipoic acid to palladium (LAPd).
LAPd with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids provides unparalleled nutrition.
Tremendously powerful antioxidant action helps neutralize free radicals.
Research and anecdotal reports suggest the active ingredients may help protect DNA and RNA.
The ingredients in Poly-MVA® support normal cell health and toxic metal cleansing.
Peer reviewed journals have evaluated and confirmed the biochemical significance of LAPd.

A Brief History of Poly-MVA®

Poly-MVA® has been available in the U.S. since 1992. Dr. Merrill Garnett, doctor and research chemist at the Garnett McKeen Laboratory is the inventor of three Poly-MVA®. For nearly 40 years, Dr. Garnett has studied molecular biology and searched to find a molecular compound that would restore healthy pathways for cellular growth and normal development. In 1991, 20,000 compounds later, he discovered that palladium combined with lipoic acid, B-12 and thiamine created a safe and effective cellular nutrient.

Tests have shown that Poly-MVA® is safe and nontoxic, and Dr. Garnett continues to work in cooperation with other researchers to determine the effectiveness of principal ingredients of Poly-MVA® for other uses.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need Poly-MVA®

Advanced Nutrition
Poly-MVA® is a unique formulation of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids designed to promote overall health. It provides considerable nutritional support for optimum functioning of essential body systems.
The nutrients in Poly-MVA® support cellular energy production and promote oxygenation and rejuvenation of cells.
Potent Antioxidant Action
Poly-MVA® contains palladium allows lipoic acid, a strong antioxidant that can help to neutralize the free radicals that accelerate aging processes. Alpha-lipoic acid is both water and fat soluble and easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and is functional in nearly all parts of the body.
Supports Nervous System Health
Poly-MVA® quickly absorbed and fast acting nutritional support for nerves and neurotransmitter function.
Unmatched Quality
Produced by AMARC Enterprises in the United States, the credit for the Poly-MVA® formulation goes to Dr. Merrill Garnett. Dr. Garnett has spent over 40 years conducting research on the action of DNA.

What are the Health Benefits of Poly-MVA®?

Replaces nutrients that may be depleted during aggressive therapies.
Powerful antioxidant.
Supports the liver in removing harmful substances from the body.
Assists the body in removing toxic metals from the bloodstream.
Fights B-12 deficiency-related mental disturbances.
Promotes normal white blood cell function.
Supports a healthy pH balance.

What are the Top 3 Questions People Ask About Poly-MVA®?

How does Poly-MVA® work? Poly-MVA® maintains the function of mitochondria, the main source of energy within cells. In healthy cells using aerobic respiration, Poly-MVA® protects cells from damage and enhances function. Healthy cells have "oxygen radical pathways." Normally, oxygen radicals are formed when fatty acids donate electrons to oxygen. These oxygen radicals have an unpaired electron charge and are unstable. Special proteins, in the mitochondria, convert the oxygen radicals into water and useable energy.
Why is Poly-MVA® effective? Lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant. When it is connected to an electrically charged metal substrate, and joined with B vitamins, it becomes soluble in water and fat and can easily and safely travel throughout the body and into every cell.
Is Poly-MVA® safe? Poly-MVA® does not have any known negative effects. All of the ingredients are natural and safe, Poly-MVA® is assimilated in the body as a food. During the development the highest administered serving (fifty times higher than maximum recommended serving) still did not produce negative effects. However, everyone is different and if you are under the advice and care of a physician, you should discuss your situation with them. Certain medical conditions may be susceptible to a rapid change in indications when using some dietary supplements, including Lipoic Acid Palladium Complexes.

Poly-MVA is a uniquely formulated combination of minerals, vitamins and amino acids designed to support cellular energy production and promote overall health. It may also replace specific nutrients that may be depleted during certain therapies. Poly-MVA is a breakthrough supplement that may assist in boosting immune response and support healing damaged cells. It is a unique formulation contains a proprietary complex of Alpha-Lipoic Acid and the mineral palladium (which we refer to as LAPd), Vitamins
B1, B2 and B12, Formylmethionine, N-Acetyl Cystiene, and trace amounts of Molybdenum, Rhodium, and Ruthenium. It is designed to provide energy for compromised body systems by targeting the energy charge transfer mechanism of our cells (the mitochondria) while protecting them as well from free radicals. Dr. Garnett also noted that in this process it also increases the charge density of DNA within the cell.
Poly-MVA is a safe and powerful supplement. Definitive human studies continue and support what previous and ongoing case studies indicate that the Poly-MVA complex is beneficial in promoting optimum health, protecting cell DNA and RNA, assisting the body to produce energy to function properly. Poly-MVA is a unique complex attached to a powerful antioxidant which research shows can neutralize harmful free radicals that damage our cells and cause aging. These free radicals are then converted into a usable energy source for our cells.

Over the past few years, more than 300 physicians have used Poly-MVA successfully as part of many different kinds of protocols – some for general nutritional support and some for the treatment of diseases. Some of these physicians have now had more than seven years clinical experience using Poly-MVA with patients.  Their studies have provided additional insights on both the safety and effectiveness of Poly-MVA.  Dr. Garnett agrees that these physicians have a unique perspective with regard to the clinical use of Poly-MVA, since their area of expertise is the treatment of the human body. Therefore, it is from their collected wisdom, based on their clinical experience with Poly-MVA, that these updated guidelines for the use of Poly-MVA have been compiled.

Poly-MVA is SAFE, even for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under the age of two. Extensive testing, both in the laboratory and in the field over the last ten years, has shown this to be true. Poly-MVA supports normal cells -- even rapidly-dividing ones.  Poly-MVA hydrates and energizes normal cells, while either normalizing or killing abnormal cells.

Dosages, and the Number of Bottles of Needed per Month:

Each 8 oz. bottle contains 48 teaspoons (240 cc) Poly-MVA.  Dosages are weight-dependent: dosage increases as weight increases.  For the treatment of disease, (therapeutic dosages), use under the supervision of a physician and/or a qualified licensed alternative medical practitioner. 

As a longevity tonic or for prevention of disease: The adult dosage is ½ to 1 tsp. per day. One 8 oz. bottle will last 7 to 14 weeks.

Adults with early stage diseases:

Initial  doses:       Day 1:  2 tsp.,  (1 tsp., twice.)

                  Day 2:  4 tsp.,  (1 tsp., four times.)  

                  Days 3-10:  8 tsp. (2 tsp., 4 times.) 

Then reduce to 4 tsp. daily, (2 tsp., twice daily), until desired results are achieved. For  maintenance of remission, 1-2 tsp. daily. Eight bottles are needed for the first three months.

Adults with late stage diseases:

Although the label on the bottle references a “standard” dosage, physicians and patients alike have reported better overall results on a dosage of 12-16 tsp. a day, ( 3-4 tsp., 4 times daily) for at least three months. After that, consult with your physician, and/or a qualified licensed alternative medical practitioner, and a Poly-MVA consultant about the feasibility of dosage reduction. 16 to 20 bottles are needed for the first two months.  Take  2 tsp. the first day and 4 the 2nd day, as above. For maintenance of remission, 1-2 tsp. daily.

Please note: If you are an adult recently in remission from a serious disease, and you are just now beginning to use Poly-MVA, you are advised to follow the entire “early stage” protocol, starting with 12 tsp. per day.  DO NOT START WITH THE “MAINTENANCE DOSAGE.

Children with early stage diseases:

1 tsp. per 30 pounds of body weight per day until desired results achieved. For maintenance of remission, 1/2-1 tsp. daily.

Children with late stage diseases:

1 tsp. per 20 pounds of body weight per day for at least three months before reducing the dosage. After that, consult the childs physician, and/or qualified licensed alternative medical practitioner. For maintenance of remission, 1/2-1 tsp. daily.

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