Hydrogen Inhalation Machine ARP300 Advanced Resonant Plasma BIOActive
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Hydrogen Inhalation Machine ARP300 Advanced Resonant Plasma BIOActive Summary

Hydrogen Inhalation Machine ARP300 Advanced Resonant Plasma BIOActive

(ARP 300 Lv. 1, 2 or 3) Breath of Health Pure Hydrogen H2 and or O2 Breathing Inhalation and H2 or O2 Drinking Water Machine with Resonant Plasma ARP Tech and SPE/PEM Tech

Using PEM technology for electrolysis, our inhalation machine makes 99% pure H2 Molecular Hydrogen with no waste water. Simply attach a cannula and you can breathe in pure H2! At suggested rate of 220 mL/Min you can breathe in nearly 100 times the H2 of one 500 mL bottle of H2 water! Metal case is standard: ABS Blue or Grey case optional.
  • H2 Output flow display

  • H2 Output pressure display

  • H2 High Pressure protection

  • Low water protection

  • Water level display

  • Instant H2 supply

  • H2 output flow fixed and adjustable for choice Water recycled used 

  • CE Certified

Usage: 30-60 minutes/once or twice per day

H2 Purity: 99.99%

Power and Voltage: 110V, 50-60 Hz

Fluctuation Rate of Output Pressure: < 0.001 MPa

Water Consumption: 1 Gal. water produces @ 22 liters of H2, will go 3-5 days before adding more water.

Water Requirement: Distilled water only

Weight: 26 lbs.

Delivery: Approximately 10-14 days after receiving order

Warranty: 12 months 

This unit can be utilized for breathing Hydrogen with a nasal canal, bubbling hydrogen in water to make a minimum of 1.1 PPM in 5 min with a -660mv ORP factor and 1.5 PPM water in 10 minutes with no change to alkalinity and no extra chemicals. 

Choose at the drop menu above from 3 different Levels (ARP Tech in combination with SPE/PEM Tech):

  • ARP 300 Level 1 (includes the ARP Tech Cell™ Lv. 1 within the unit). The outflow is set for the Hydrogen H2 Gas at 220 ml/min, Oxygen Gas O2 at 110 ml/min, Resonant Plasma is Constant at the Level 1 Intensity and its own Medicinal Properties. The ARP Tech Cell™ Lv. 1 moves the water within the tank into the subatomic state prior to the SPE/PEM electrolysis process and enables the higher vibratory action of this water to move the Hydrogen H2 (or O2 Oxygen) into a much more bio active form, which is then much more amplified in its cellular efficacy. The ARP Tech Cell™ Lv. 1 (made with our proprietary ARP Technology which consist of specially programmed natural Quartz Crystals, Plasma State of CO2, Zinc, etc.), which adds its own medicinal properties to the Hydrogen H2 Gas Therapy, and or O2 Oxygen Therapy, besides making them much more effective. This means more therapeutic properties of supporting the Immune System, calming and regenerating the nervous system, increasing the circulation and gently detoxing the lymphatic system, plus all the Carbonic Acid Therapy Benefits, which in its Plasma State is much more effective then in its atomic state.
  • ARP 300 Level 2 (Includes the ARP Tech Cell™ Lv. 1 and the additional ARP Tech Cell™ Lv. 2 within the unit). The outflow is set for the Hydrogen H2 Gas at 220 ml/min, Oxygen Gas O2 at 110 ml/min, Resonant Plasma is Constant at the Level 2 Intensity and its own Medicinal Properties. This unit includes all the benefits of the Level 1 Unit, plus its own additional Medicinal Properties. The ARP Tech Cell™ Lv. 2 is made with our proprietary ARP Technology and includes specially charged natural Quartz Crystals, the Plasma State of 24K Gold, etc.; and adds all the healing properties of the 24K Gold element in its amplified Plasma State into the Hydrogen H2 Gas Therapy, and or Oxygen O2 Gas Therapy. Please read this study if you wish to understand the depth of what is offered here and the incredible properties of 24K Gold, which in its Plasma State is the most effective Gold Therapy, period. Now you can have these benefits all in one unit.
  • ARP Tech 300 Level 3 (Includes the ARP Tech Cell™ Lv. 1, Lv. 2 and the additional ARP Tech Cell™ Lv. 3 within the unit). The outflow is set for the Hydrogen H2 Gas at 220 ml/min, Oxygen Gas O2 at 110 ml/min, Resonant Plasma is Constant at the Level 3 Intensity and its own Medicinal Properties. This unit includes all the benefits of the Level 1 and Level 2 Unit, plus its own additional medicinal properties. The ARP Tech Cell™ Lv. 3 is made through our proprietary ARP Technology that includes the specially charged Natural Quartz Crystals, the Plasma State of Copper, etc., which was designed to help the body rid itself from fungus and mold. This is very crucial since neither H2 Gas Therapy nor the O2 Gas Therapy is strong enough to accomplish this important task alone. When you inhale either one of H2 or O2 Gas you will be inhaling these additional properties directly into your bloodstream and the brain structure and accomplishing the results that no other Hydrogen H2 or O2 Gas Therapy Inhaling or Breathing Machine will ever be able to offer, period. We have many medical doctors who are familiar with Hydrogen H2 Inhalation Therapy and who have tested their existing units with adding our ARP Tech Cell™ Levels 1, 2 and 3 installed after the fact into their existing units and were amazed at the difference they made in their Hydrogen Therapy experience and the analysis. We do not offer the ARP Tech Cell™ Levels 1, 2, or 3 separate from our breathing units, but will have the Testimonies and research of those respected medical professionals and researches available on our testimony page, as the time allows us to put it all together.

    With our special ARP Tech units, now you can not only breath the most effective H2 or O2 Medicinal Gas benefits available anywhere, but you can make the specially charged H2 or O2 water and experience the most therapeutic and additional medicinal properties of all 3 Levels we offer in addition to the much more bio active and bio effective Pure H2 (99.999%) and or Pure Oxygen O2 (95-99%), through two separate ports, all through one machine: Breath of Health™! Choose from 3 different Levels of either one of the ARP 300, ARP 600, or ARP 1000. You can also enjoy drinking the special ARP Tech Charged Levels of their Medicinal Properties by infusing your Herbal Teas, and your Medicinal Elixir Drinks (as long as they are water like consistency). You can infuse it into your foot baths, your waters for Enemas or home Colonics, and for your special waters made for facials and skin benefits as well, all though one machine, our Breath of Health™. No other machine will give you these special properties all in one.

Health benefits of inhaling and drinking the water rich in the Pure Therapeutic Levels of Hydrogen, or Oxygen together with the Resonant Plasma of each one of the 3 Levels we offer and their Medicinal Properties are simply endless, and now you can have all the benefits in one unit.

Besides the health effects on the physicality the Resonant Plasma in general has the very harmonizing effect upon the emotional body, which is the sum of one's emotional state of being. If any healing is to be complete, it is crucial to address this important component, since over 75% of stress and dis-ease originates in the emotional body before it condenses into the physical state. Addressing this daily is very important and no other machine is able to address this on this Level.

We have combined the proprietary SPE/PEM Technology with our unique ARP Tech for the amplified and the most therapeutic health effects possible. You will simply not get this from any other unit on the market, period. 

Health Benefits:

  • Rejuvenates and improves all eleven bodily systems, including the emotional health
  • Selectively removes the harmful disease-causing free radicals
  • Neutralizes nuclear radiation within the cells via Resonant Plasma Fields
  • Provides your body with more energy (H2 fuels the ATP engine that powers every cell in the body, Resonant Plasma Energy increases the Life Force Energy within the cells, O2 strengthens the cells)
  • Maintains the homeostatic levels of our bodys own antioxidants
  • Improves cellular function and health of every single organ in our body
  • Removes heavy metals and synthetic chemical toxins from the blood, lungs and brain structure 
  • Neutralizes hormone disrupting xenoestrogens 
  • Balances the overall metabolism
  • Helps burn excess fat
  • Protects and rejuvenates our DNA for its cell signaling, cell metabolism and gene expression
  • Anti-inflammatory/anti-pain (silent killer that causes many chronic dis-eases)
  • Modulates Th1 and Th2 cytokines to reduce inflammation/pain
  • Detoxifies cells by converting the harmful hydroxyl radicals in your body into water 
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Enhances nutrient absorption and digestion
  • Improves muscle and joint function
  • Reduces and prevents the constipation
  • Aids in lowering the bad cholesterol
  • Improves hormonal function
  • Aids in workout and injury recovery
  • Lubricates joints and muscles
  • Improves skins health and hydration 
  • Hydrates all bodily cells
  • Crosses the blood brain barrier with its Antioxidant Action 
  • Helps eliminate headaches and chronic migraines 
  • Improves memory, concentration and keeps the mind alert
  • Used for cancer adjacent treatment erasing the harmful radiation side effects
  • Reverses and slows down aging
  • Anti-obesity and anti-diabetes
  • Boosts, protects and regulates the immune system
  • Prevents and reduces cancers 
  • Balances and Improves the entire Endocrine System, including he Thyroid Gland Function
  • Enhances athletic performance by reducing lactic acid and Increasing Energy
  • Normalizes blood sugar
  • Balances blood pressure
  • Healthy cholesterol level
  • Reduces lymphocyte proliferation and over excretion of antibodies in autoimmune conditions
  • Supports and strengthens the nervous system 
  • Calming and Peace promoting to the emotional state of being
  • Calming to the Nervous System
  • Healing and Purifying Effects upon the brain structure, especially for the cleansing of the pineal gland and decalcification
  • Helps to stop addictions for drugs and alcohol by rapidly detoxing the addictive compounds from the cells
  • Faster Wound Healing
  • Helps to Greatly Increase the Natural Anti aging and Vital Longevity
  • Powerful Skin Cleanser for clear complexion
  • Important Solution for the Cardiovascular System for office bound people who do not get enough physical activity or exercise

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