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Bio-D-mulsion Forte by Biotics Research
Bio-D-Mulsion Forte by Biotics Research supplies 2 000 IU of vitamin D3 per drop of vitamin D3 in the form of a micro-emulsion. The micro-emulsion allows for increased absorption and utilization. This...
Bio-K-mulsion Forte by Biotics Research
Bio-K-Mulsion 1 oz Vitamins and minerals serve different functions in the body and all of these functions work together to support and promote optimal health and wellbeing. Vitamin K is one of the vitamins...
Iodizyme-HP Iodine by Biotics Research
Biotics Research Iodizyme-HP the use of oral iodine/iodide can aid in circumventing this issue. As a result of decreased iodine status, due to the typical Western diet, sufficient thyroxine cannot be produced,...
Magnascent Nascent Iodine
MagNascent iodine is formed when the iodine molecule is broken down to produce magnetically charged atoms of this essential element. This is iodine in the nascent state, but in a unique form which is consumable...
Magnesium Oil 100 Percent 4 oz
Christophers Natural Products , Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray, is an outcome of over Twenty Years of research with Two Universities, scientists, development, proven worldwide distribution and manufacturing...
Fulvic Acid Minerals X350 Ionic Trace Minerals
More than Double the concentration of any Concentrated Fulvic on the Market in a 2 OZ bottle. Fulvic acid products that claim to be organic are being made in plastic barrels with tap water. Not our Fulvic...
Marine Phytoplankton 100 g - 100 Pct Pure Freeze-Dried
Raw Organic Freeze Dried Marine Phytoplankton (Nannochloropsis Gaditana Powder) 100% Pure & Raw. No Additives or Preservatives of any kind. Never heated or irradiated. Our MP is not grown in the open ocean...