Activation Products Corriander Seed oil
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Activation Products Corriander Seed oil Summary

Activation Products Corriander Seed oil

Discovered by archeologists in the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs, coriander has been traced back as far as 5,000 BC with a long history across the Mediterranean, Middle East and Asia, playing a major part in the ancient medicines of many cultures. Coriander had medicinal proprieties attributed to it in ancient Sanskrit and Greek writings and the seeds have an impressive reputation in health circles matched by very few other herbs, even today.

Coriander Provides Essential Elements Your Body Needs

Hippocrates, the famous ancient Greek healer known as the Father of Medicine was said to have used and recommended coriander for its many varied health benefits. Once upon a time, it was even routinely used to treat small pox.

Popular for its anti-inflammatory properties, coriander has historically been a go-to for helping to remedy a laundry list of ailments.

Recently, even more benefits have been found. Using coriander has been called a “gateway to health” because its so nutritious. Its truly a foundational food.

Coriander has potent liver-supporting properties and is an excellent source of phytonutrients and flavonoids. Coriander is a also a phenomenal source of potassium, calcium, manganese, iron and magnesium. Its also high in vitamins: folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin A, beta carotene and a generous dose of vitamins C, A and K — all essential for optimal health, all found in coriander seed.

Low Vitamin D Levels?

Your doctor has probably told you that vitamin D is a vital part of your daily health regimen. Most people are deficient in this important vitamin and that deficiency has been linked with a ton of health issues. You may already be taking a vitamin D supplement and thats great!

But relying on it alone can be a big mistake if you really want to get your levels up.

Heres why:

  • Most supplements do NOT get absorbed properly. Vitamin D in particular requires vitamin K for proper synthesis and vitamin K can be hard to get.
  • Vitamin D is a prohormone, meaning that it requires sufficient healthy cholesterol to be usable
  • Vitamin D is fat-soluble, so absorption suffers if there arent enough lipid-fats to transport it into your cells

Coriander oil is concentrated nutrition with amplified potency. Taking a few drops of coriander oil with your vitamin D maximizes absorption and synthesis in your body.

  • FAT LIPIDS: Because vitamin D is fat-soluble, its best taken with healthy fats. Coriander seeds contain 28.4% of their total weight in lipids! To get even more healthy fats you can combine  with our 5 Seed Blend or Flaxseed Oil as well, if desired.
  • VITAMINS K and A: One serving of coriander contains roughly 400% your RDV of vitamin K. Vitamin A, in conjunction with vitamin K, is required for proper vitamin D assimilation— luckily, coriander oil also contains more than your daily vitamin A requirement in a single serving.
  • CHOLESTEROL: Not only can coriander help your body produce ample amounts of healthy cholesterol, which aids in vitamin D production, but studies show it actually lowers bad cholesterol too.
  • STOMACH: Coriander oil helps with the secretion of enzymes and digestive juices in the stomach, thus stimulating peristaltic motion and overall digestion. Because of its antioxidant, anti fungal and antibiotic effects, coriander oil helps increase nutrient absorption —including vitamin D— in the stomach.
  • IMMUNE HEALTH: Pathogens in the body put stress on the immune system and can affect vitamin D levels. Corianders powerful antibiotic effects help keep pathogens at bay.
  • SAFE SUN: Getting natural vitamin D from the sun is surely the best way, but it poses skin  risks if youre antioxidant- or omega-3-deficient. Coriander oil provides you with a great source of antioxidants —5,598 μmol TE per food dose — due to its terpene and terpenoid components. Regarding omega-3s, in animal studies, coriander oil was found to increase the bodys natural bioconversion of alpha-linoleic acid to EPA and DHA. All of this means that you can get more vitamin D from the sun, with less risk. If youre looking to really ramp up your omega-3 intake you can also add our Flaxseed Oil or our 5 Seed Blend — which contains both flax and coriander — to your daily routine.

Healthy vitamin D levels will keep your immune system on its toes… but adding coriander oil to the mix has a whole lot of other health benefits aside from that.

IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPORT: The presence of antioxidants, rich phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins all work synergistically to help you maintain the highest level of immune system health.

HEALTHY BLOOD SUGAR BALANCE: Today, type 2 diabetes affects an estimated 415 million people worldwide. Due the stimulating effect of coriander oil on the endocrine glands, the secretion of insulin from the pancreas is increased, thus increasing insulin levels in the blood. This regulates the proper assimilation and absorption of sugar and results in healthier blood sugar levels.

DIGESTIVE HEALTH : It doesnt matter if youre having trouble with your digestion because of a food-borne illness or if you simply dont digest food well, coriander seed oil can help. Coriander seed oil helps to improve your metabolism and ensures that all your gastric juices are working properly for maximum digestion. It can relieve or stop the formation of gas, which can mean a much more comfortable eating experience (not to mention the social implications). Regularly taking coriander oil makes for a golden gut. For more on how coriander can help ease stomach issues.

MENTAL HEALTH: The essential oil in coriander is believed to stimulate creativity, optimism and imagination. Studies have even shown that high-doses of coriander can cause mild euphoria — earning it the nickname dizzy corn.  Coriander has also been used to treat insomnia, stress and panic attacks because of its sedative effects. Taking coriander oil may also prevent memory loss.

CELLULAR HEALTH: Coriander contains coriandrol, a substance used to promote healthy cell growth. When combined with a healthy diet, coriander can support the immune system to defend against harmful cells.

SKIN: If you look around, youll notice that there are all kinds of beauty products that have coriander in them. Coriander seed oil is really good for all kinds of skin conditions from blemishes to allergic reactions. It soothes inflammation, clears up pimples and cleanses your skin. Whether you put it right on your skin or take it internally in water, juice or a smoothie, youll get powerful benefits, in the form of clearer skin and improved overall health. Before putting it on your skin, be sure to do a spot test to make sure that you dont have an allergy to it.

PAIN & INFLAMMATION: Coriander seed oil is amazing for pain due to inflammation. For more on the causes of inflammation and how coriander can help.

Coriander Oil for Traveler Health

Take it from me, coriander oil is a MUST when youre traveling. Anyone who travels a lot knows 

Its actually been recognized for a long time that salsa has antibacterial properties… only no one realized it was the coriander in the salsa that was responsible.

More than likely, youll experience some sort of food-borne illness now and then in your lifetime… but with coriander oil at your side, youll be prepared.

As an added bonus for travelers, our coriander oil doesnt require refrigeration, allowing you to take it with you no matter your destination.

Pure, Organic Coriander Seed Oil

After years of research and trial & error, Activation is exclusively manufacturing the worlds only raw, 100% organic, Perfectly Pressed™ coriander oil. Our unique Perfect Press Technology™ allows us to produce seed oils that are never damaged by heat, grinding or friction. This means maximum nutrition and zero rancidity.

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