Raintree Formulas MYCO 500mg 120 Caps - In Stock
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Raintree Formulas MYCO 500mg 120 Caps - In Stock Summary

Raintree Formulas MYCO 500mg 120 Caps - In Stock

Raintree MYCO Extract 650mg 120 Capsules



Highest quality RainTree Formulas brand herbal supplement
MYCO consists of 8 botanical plants  During use, supplementing with probiotics will assist with the survival of gut flora. Prescribed by Lyme literate doctors worldwide.


Prepared by the exact methods used by the indigenous people 

Raintree Formulas is currently the only company making Raintree Nutrition's formulas 100% true to original specifications using the exact same sources in the Amazon rain-forests. They use the exact same methods in preparation of the natural herbs which are sustainably harvested by the indigenous people.


Suggested Use:  
3 capsules 2 times daily, or as directed by a health care professional.



A proprietary blend of Mullaca leaf & stem (Physalis angulata), Brazilian peppertree bark, anamu leaf (Petiveria alliacea), clavillia root (four o'clock), macela leaf & stem, fedegoso leaf & stem (Cassia occidentalis), picao preto leaf & stem (Cassia occidentalis) and uva-ursi leaf extracted in distilled water and ethanol. 100% natural herbs as listed with no use of chemicals during cultivation. Vegetable capsule shell. Our formulas contain absolutely no other ingredients, no fillers, binders or flow agents.


The herbs that we source, harvest and bring to you as natural remedies come from the most bio-diverse and untouched place on the planet – the Amazon. This pure and natural part of the world is home to countless plants, animals and insects whose potential has yet to be discovered. But while Amazonian herbs may not be the most common alternative remedies, were not the only ones aware of the possibilities these plants hold. In fact, over 100 pharmaceutical companies are currently studying the indigenous flora, while harvesting the knowledge held by native shamans and healers in the Amazon.


So what makes Amazonian herbs so potent and powerful that they can nurture the body?


Well, some 80% of the food we eat originates from rainforests, so here at Rainforest Formulas, we believe that since the Amazon is already so aligned to our diets, it makes sense that its plants can balance our bodies to promote health.


Rainforest plants are rich in secondary metabolites called alkaloids. Biochemists believe that these protect plants from harmful organisms and insect attacks, and studies have shown that many of these natural alkaloids are of medicinal value and benefit.


When you consider that there are approximately 3,000 varieties of fruits in the rainforest and we only consume around 200 of those, doesnt it seem like were missing out on some incredible health opportunities?


We all have access to a variety of natural remedies, many claim to aid the body in a number of different ways. However when judging the quality of these alternative remedies, one should examine the natural ingredients used and the process each one went through before arriving at the shelf.


At Raintree, we have committed ourselves to sourcing only the finest Amazon herbs and have researched the best regions in which these plants are grown. We are also careful to consider the times of the year when each one should be harvested for maximum effect. Once picked, these specially selected herbs are often ready to be delivered to you for your use within weeks. Since we believe in natural remedies and the benefit of the shamanic approach, there is no irradiation or fumigation of the herbs we use. These unnatural processes alter the plants cell structure and therefore reduce their potency and effectiveness, while adding harmful toxins.


To preserve the formulations, we use grapefruit seed extract and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, which is derived from the natural amino acid, glycine. These ingredients also help to remove any harmful bacteria that might develop. Both of these techniques are free from parabens and other chemical treatments.


Out of the 70-plus herbs that we offer, a large number of these are custom sourced by our local indigenous partners for Raintree and no other company; it could be that no one else is as pedantic and detailed as we are when it comes to the precise nature of the herbs required for effective natural remedies.


Raintree Formulas work perfectly in harmony with the amazon ecosystem. 

One of the main principles that Raintree Formulas abides by is that the Amazon should not be exploited. This beautiful rainforest is already in danger of deforestation from agriculture and cattle farming - we dont want to add to this upsetting devastation.

The way in which we harvest these herbs is 100% sustainable. It also provides an income stream to the indigenous people that is far more financially attractive than selling land for cattle farming. 

Land that is converted into cattle farming yields $60 per acre, while timber brings $400 per acre. However, harvesting the herbs we use in our formulations will actually provide the land owners with $2,400 per acre. Not only that, but this source of income generates revenue year after year, is sustainable and also employs indigenous and local people.


Here at Raintree, we recognize that the Amazon Rainforest must be maintained, both for the local Amazonian population and for mankind at large.




These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not exceed stated recommended dose. A food supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. If you have a medical condition or are taking any medication please consult your Doctor before taking this product. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. 


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