Fulvic Acid Minerals X350 Ionic Trace Minerals
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Fulvic Acid Minerals X350 Ionic Trace Minerals Summary

Fulvic Acid Minerals X350 Ionic Trace Minerals

More than Double the concentration of any Concentrated Fulvic on the Market in a 2 OZ bottle. Fulvic acid products that claim to be organic are being made in plastic barrels with tap water. Not our Fulvic acid!

About the Product

  • A 6 month supply!
  • Our highest concentration! Only 5-7 drops a day in 20 ounces of distilled water!
  • Our Fulvic Ionic Minerals (Fulvic Acid) concentrated liquid minerals, electrolytes and essential aminos supplement is the cornerstone of our company and is manufactured under the strictest organic standards. Chemical acids are never used in the extraction process, just pure water. This is the highest grade Fulvic Acid in the world with the highest levels of Fulvic and Humic Acids ever tested! Fulvic Acid is the most important health supplement you could ever take.
  • Our Fulvic Ionic Minerals contain Bio-available Organically Complexed Fulvic Acid, Humic Acid, Electrolytes, Every Essential Amino Acid, and over 77 Macro and Micro (Trace) Minerals in their ionic (aka nano or angstrom) form, all working in perfect synergy. Fulvic Ionic Minerals can both balance and energize cell life and biological properties once it comes into contact with the cell. If the individual cell is restored to its normal chemical balance and electrical potential, we have given the cell life where death and disintegration would normally occur. This is due to the ability of Humic Acid to break down the salt acids that build up on the cell membrane, and the ability of Fulvic Acid to transport nutrients into the cell and flush toxins out of the cell. Fulvic and Humic Acids will break the bonds of inorganic matter and transform them into organic matter, including radiation and petroleum, and remove them from the body.

Our Fulvic Ionic Liquid Minerals help to restore the balance to cell life, essentially preventing the breakdown and demise of cells by normalizing the chemical balance of each cell and improving its potential within your body. Optimally Organic produces Fulvic Acid from the purest source on earth. It is situated in a beautiful forested region in the Southern United States, with its own pure water aquifer naturally filtering the rich plant-based humic shale deposits that we use in our products. Optimally Organic adheres to high ecological and social processing standards; available in 2 fluid ounces.

Are you a healthy eater? Do you eat organic foods only? If you do, I applaud you! Like you, I aim to eat as healthy as possible, however, just when you think youve given your body all the nutrients it needs you may still be at risk of nutritional deficiencies.

The National Institute of Health tells us that we may be nutritional deficient without realizing it. In fact, they say, “The vast majority of people in both affluent and emerging industrialized countries do not reach even 75% of the RDAs for numerous trace minerals.” (1)

What is the importance of trace minerals?

The status of your nutrients is so important that it truly should not be overlooked. For example, a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health shows that 68% of Americans are magnesium deficient and some experts have been warning the public for years, while other experts think its much closer to 80%. (2,3)

There is a difference between minerals and trace minerals. If the body requires more than 100 mg of 11 minerals each day, the substance is labeled a mineral. However, if the cellular body requires less than this, it is labeled as a trace mineral. (1) Some minerals such as calcium, potassium, and phosphorus are commonly found in food. Trace minerals are essential minerals that you only need trace amounts. (2)

Minerals and trace minerals do not exist by themselves, but work together for optimal health. Too much one mineral can lead to imbalances, which can result in disease. Factors such as diet, absorption ability, toxicities, and drug-nutrient interactions play a role in maintaining balance of trace minerals in the body. (1)

As early as 1964, two mineral researchers wrote, “Even small departures from the normal mineral composition of the milieu interior [the interior of the cell may have profound physiological consequences…” (1)

Modern farming techniques are robbing the soil from trace minerals.

Over the past century, the quality of our soil has been depleted by 85% mainly due to modern methods of farming. Factors such as intensive farming, soil erosion, and chemical fertilizers have resulted in lower mineral content of the soil. (2)

John Kempf, CEO of Advancing Eco Agriculture, explains to us that a single tomato plant has the capability of producing 400 to 500 pounds of tomatoes, however, due to stress and other harmful farming methods, the potential harvest is reduced. (4) Produce is now being grown with much lower nutrient content than in the past.

Bottom line, trace minerals protect us from health issues.

Research is backing up on the vital role that trace minerals serve in preventing catabolic and debilitating disease such as heart disease, diabetes, and cognitive decline. (2,5)

To provide you with proper nutrients, ocean seawater is rich in minerals in its complete and non-denatured form is the best way to go. You could grow your own fruits and vegetables using the ocean trace minerals to fertilize them. Another option is to eat seaweed or take in top-quality mineral supplementation

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