Liposomal Moringa - Pure Organic
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Liposomal Moringa - Pure Organic Summary

Liposomal Moringa - Pure Organic

  • 25% plant protein including all 9 essential amino acids 
  • 31% fibre 
  • A rich source of iron, vitamin A & vitamin K
  • A source of vitamin E, calcium & magnesium
  • High in antioxidants

Advantages of this product:

*We make all Liposomal products fresh on the day of purchase to insure the our customers are getting the freshest product available with highest quality.
*Liposomal Products are 90% absorb able compared to typical Vitamins which may be only 10 to 20 percent absorbable. 
*It does not contain Polysorbate 80
*It does not contain SOY
*It does not contain Sodium Benzoate
*It does not contain Ethyl Alcohol
*It does not contain Citric Acid
*It does not contain Artificial Sweeteners
*It does not contain GMO's
*It is not a capsule.
* All Liposomal Products are shipped out priority mail at no extra cost.
*It utilizes Sunflower Lecithin.
*It is produced in a high quality manufacturing facility. Healthy Drops has been producing supplement for several years.
*It is Pharmacy / Medical grade.
*It contains 96 servings per bottle.
It's 100% Organic.
*It is vegetarian and flavored with natural Vegetable Glycerin.
It is in a BPA-free UV-protected bottle.

4 OZ  $29.90
8 OZ  $44.90
16 OZ  $54.90
32 OZ  $99.90
64 OZ  $198.99

4oz has 24 Servings of 1,000mg. 24 grams per Bottle
8oz has 48 Servings of 1,000mg. 48 grams per Bottle
6oz has 96 Servings of 1,000mg. 96 grams per Bottle.
32oz has 192 Servings of 1,000mg. 192 grams total.

64oz has 384 Servings of 1,000mg. 384 grams total.
128oz has 768 Servings of 1,000mg. 768 grams total.

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