Aloe Immune 500 mg 90 Caps Mannos
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Aloe Immune 500 mg 90 Caps Mannos Summary

Aloe Immune 500 mg 90 Caps Mannos

Aloe Immune is a revolutionary, super food aloe product unlike any other. The potency of this product supports the immune system, the master system of the body, therefore enhancing other systems.

Aloe Immune's proprietary process delivers concentrated nutrients at a fraction of the cost due to the use of dehydrated powder rather than a freeze or spray dried powder, or diluted juice form. Aloe Immune contains the entire assemblage of Polymannans, from short chain to very long chains. One molecule of Aloe Immune is the delicate carbohydrate, Mannose, which is in high concentrations. Mannose acts to the immune system as a "modulator", not just a stimulate.

The modulation process controls and regulates the immune system so that optimal health can be maintained. This product comes from the growth and development in the new field of research known as Glycobiology or carbohydrate research.

More Than a Vitamin or Mineral, Aloe is a Highly Condensed Organic Whole Food – and Truly a "Medicine Food"* 

When most people think of aloe, the aloe juice sold in jugs or bottles at the health food store comes to mind... 

While some of these products might be of acceptable quality, others are merely water with a smaller percentage of aloe added, along with a thickener like carrageenan, xanthan or guar gum. 

Surprisingly, even if the label says 100% aloe, it can be a mixture of mostly water and small quantities of aloe vera juice. Its actually legal to put an ounce of aloe juice in a gallon jug with water and call it 100% aloe vera juice! 

There are other shortcomings with this type of store-bought aloe vera juice as well… 

    1. Bottled aloe vera juice typically doesnt taste very good. Aloe vera juice (or gel) oxidizes quickly when exposed to air, leading to the off-taste so common in packaged aloe juices

    1. Without knowing exactly how much aloe is in a product, its difficult to make a comparison. For example: You would have to drink 10 - 20 ounce bottles of single strength aloe (most common type sold without the added water and thickeners) to get the same amount of aloe juice in just ONE of our Aloe Immune capsules!

  1. Bottled aloe juice can contain preservatives to extend shelf life and may also contain artificial or other sweeteners to improve taste.

Supplements Facts:
Serving Size 2

Contain Aloe Vera Gel 200:1 concentrate

Other ingredients: Gelatin and magnesium stearate.

No Preservatives
No Artificial Flavors
No GMO's
NO Trans Fats

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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