5 Stage Home Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water System W Ph+
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5 Stage Home Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water System W Ph+ Summary

5 Stage Home Drinking Reverse Osmosis Water System W Ph+

1. Helps to keep your body's PH level balanced with PH+ water 
2. Boosts Energy and Hydration levels with micro cluster technology. 
3. Removes harmful free radicals know to cause variety of ailments.
4. Supply's body with essential minerals such as Ca, Mg, K, Na... 
5. Increases up to 20% more oxygen in your drinking water... 
6. Provides excellent source of Antioxidants to maintain long-term health. 
7. Removes acidic wastes that cause Dyspepsia, Chronic diarrhea, ext. 
8. Causes Fresher and Clearer skin by increasing oxygen levels. 


1st Stage: 5 Micron Melt-blown Polypropylene Sediment removes large and fine particles such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles. 
2nd Stage: GAC Activated Carbon Filters: removes chlorine, odors and tastes of many organic compounds. 
3rd Stage: 5 Micron Carbon Filters: Block carbon filters made of fine coconut shell carbon. Removes chlorine, tastes, odors, VOCs and other common chemicals. 
4th Stage: Thin Film Membrane RO Membrane: TFC Membrane is the main component of any Reverse Osmosis unit. Provides up to 99% reduction rate of bacteria & chemicals. 
5th Stage: Inline Granular Carbon Filter: Polishing filters; Stabilize the water tasting qualities and further removes any traces of bad tastes and odors. 
Optional 6th Stage: Ultra-Violet Sterilizer UV: Removes up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and cyst. Superior UV Coverage Chamber Design. Stainless Steel construction. 

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